The Taiwaneses showed the Europeans a rival of Tesla

The new Taiwanese company Thunder Power introduced the electric sedan, which will be able to compete with Tesla Model S. The public performance of the novelty took place at the Frankfurt motor show.

The mass of the four-door, the name of which is not yet reported, is around two thousand kilograms. The sedan will be available with two versions of electric motor: 308 and 428 horse powers by power. The superior variant will be able to run up to «hundred» in less than five seconds and its maximum speed will be limited with electronics at 250 kilometers per hour.

Both modifications will be equipped with the special unit of accumulators of 125 kWh of capacity, which are cheaper, lighter and more durable than the majority of analogues. Battery reserve will be enough for 650 kilometers of road. It was declared of the fact that for over half an hour one will be able to charge the accumulators to drive up to 300 kilometers.

The ABS, the system of stabilization, the function of control of «dead» zones and the observation behind lane of traffic will enter into the model’s standard equipment.
The sport version of sedan – Race – is also present on the Thunder Power board, but there is no data about it.

The cars of the Thunder Power Company will be manufactured mainly in China. At the same time, the Taiwaneses also plan to organize a European production of the cars, the sale of which will start in the 2017.

Taiwanese company Thunder Power Taiwanese company Thunder Power Taiwanese company Thunder Power