The kick scooter manufacturer produced a replicar of the retro car BMW Izetta

The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems, producing Micro kick scooters from the 1990 (they are sold in the USA under the make Kick) brought its first car to the Geneva motor show. The company created a replicar of the micro car BMW Izetta of the 1955 year of production and fit it with an electric motor.

retro car BMW Izetta

The car received the name Microlino. For the first time its photographs were published in autumn of the 2015. Since those times, the car was repeatedly exhibited at various events, but the debut in Geneva came for it first at the major exhibition.

As Izetta, the replicar has an unusual door made in assembly with the windscreen. The bodywork of the new version differs from the original insignificantly: designers only changed the shape of the rear fender and expanded headlights.

car BMW Izetta

The electric motor of 20 horse powers sets in motion the 400-kilogram replicar of “Izetta”. The battery reserve will be enough for one hundred kilometers of mileage. The car can increase the speed of up to one hundred kilometers per hour.

The company MMS intends to produce the first lot of Microlino in the end of the 2017. Its cost is around ten thousand euros.