The «incredible» concept Pininfarina turned out to be the hydrogen sport car

At the Geneva motor show, the bodywork studio Pininfarina represented a prototype of H2 Speed, which had been announced a month ago and the Italian company had called it “the incredible concept car”. The car was fit with an electric power plant operating on fuel meshes.

The length of the coupe is 4700 millimeters, its height is 1087 millimeters and the width is 2000 millimeters. The extent of its wheelbase is equal to 2900 millimeters. In the words of creators, the car having a complex aerodynamic trim package is “something medium between serial super car and a sport prototype of the LMP1 class”.

концепция Pininfarina

The French-Swiss firm GreenGT prepared the power plant for H2 Speed, its development had taken more than two years. Two electric motors with racing settings, as well as the kit of 700 fuel cells belonged to the power plant. The total unit output is 500 horse powers. The complete filling to the store of 6,1 kilograms of volume takes three minutes.

H2 Скорость

The car is fit with the recuperation braking system, as well as with the traction vector control system. The power plant together with the infinitely variable trans- mission accelerates the 1420-kilogram sport car from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour over 3,4 seconds. The vehicle is able to reach the speed of 200 kilometers per hour for over 11 seconds. Its maximum speed is 300 kilometers per hour.


In the end of the 2015, the India bodywork studio company Mahindra & Mahindra, having bought the 76,06 per cent block of shares, became the new owner of “Pininfarina”. The sum of the transaction, according to unofficial data, was 168 million euros.

The studio founder, Sergio Pininfarina, died in the 2012 in the age of 85 years.