Tesla is Developing a Truck and a City Bus

Tesla Motors is developing a new truck and a city bus. This “Secret Master Plan” was published at the company’s official web-page, its author is Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

10 years ago Elon Musk published the first “Secret Master Plan”. He has promised the new version several weeks ago, and it is revealed at last. The company is going to concentrate on developing new models of trucks and promote autonomy and car sharing.

Tesla is Developing a Truck and a City Bus

Next year the company is going to launch the Tesla Semi, which is a new pickup truck version of the Model 3 sedan. He specified that this vehicle is in the early stages of development and promised that it would be “really fun to operate”.

Writing about the city bus that Tesla is developing at the moment, Musk mentioned that they are going “to shrink the size of buses” and let the driver be more of a “fleet manager” rather than a driver. The bus will be able to take more passengers due to a new seat arrangement (entryways will be replaced by seats).

Also, the company promised a SUV and a small pickup on the Model 3 base. Musk mentioned that the company is not going to make a more affordable version of the Model 3. He promotes the idea of a “Tesla shared fleet” giving owners a chance to rent out their cars. This, in his view, will eliminate the need for a vehicle that is more affordable than the Model 3.