Reports say that Honda S1000 and S660 Type R will be produced

According to the latest reports, the Honda automaker has made a final decision on the production of S660 Type R together with its improved version S1000.

The hypnotizing Honda S660 belongs only to this Japanese automaker. However, lately it has already been treated and improved by Mugen. At the same time, more expensive version Type R will probably have an engine with 75 kW (100 bhp) and more aggressive look.

Given that reports say that the S1000 model will be a global car, we can easily assume that this roadster will be broader available. If all the rumors on the car are correct, we can expect it to have a VTEC turbocharged gasoline engine with 100 cubic cm capacity with the power of 95 kW (127 bhp). Such power of the auto will much exceed the power of the S660 that has only 63 bhp.

As for the dimensions of the Honda S1000, it will be longer by 150 mm and wider by 200 mm than the standard auto. Besides, it will also have wider tires along with a hard roof, while its air intake will be of snorkel type.