Pontiac G8 ST sport truck cancelled!

We were looking forward to the G8 ST sport truck. Pontiac even showed us G8 ST Concept at last year’s SEMA to get everyone excited for the G8 ST production model.

The G8 ST concept was powered by a uniquely configured 6.0L small-block V-8, rated at 361 hp. Production version of the G8 ST was known to hit the dealerships this fall as a 2010 model. Unfortunately GM has decided to cancel the G8 ST. According to PickupTucks.com GM made the announcement to its dealers during a broadcast yesterday morning.

This decision will likely disappoint lot of sport truck enthusiast, who were looking for a modern-day El Camino. G8 ST is one of the coolest cars/trucks that Pontiac has introduced in a long time.

Based on Australia’s Holden VE Ute, the G8 ST was expected to start below $30,000 with projected sales of about 5,000 units annually.

According to GM G8 ST is one of these vehicles they can no longer afford to produce. GM has earlier said that they will turn Pontiac into a niche brand. We have a feeling that Pontiac will be turned into a very boring brand, or GM just might kill the whole brand one day.