Next generation Porsche 911 (998) turbo test mule spotted

porsche_911_998These are the first pictures of the next generation Porsche 911 (998), that will replace the current 911(997). Even though it was raining hard today and the pictures are not in the best quality we can see that the front lights are standing more upright compared to the 997.

Side mirrors are moved from the side window corner to the side of the door. Don’t get confused of the rear lights as these are just temporary.

Next generation 911 (998) is expected in 2011. It will feature the same flat-six engine that surely gets a power boost and the new PDK dual-clutch gearbox.

Stay tuned as we are sure that this is not the first sighting of the next generation 911 before Porsche makes it official. Update! The car is likely standard 911 (998) not the Turbo.