Next generation Mercedes-Benz SLK prototype not ready for the extreme Nürburgring

2011-slk-6-300x155We brought you first spy photos of the next generation Mercedes-Benz SLK back in February. Today early morning SLK prototype was heading to the Nürburgring.

For some reasons the car was not able to finish even one lap around the 20 km course because of a smoking engine.

Driver had to stop the car at a part called “Brünnchen” so he could save the car from getting on fire. Thankfully he had the fire drencher on hand.

This surely is not the best start for test drives on the Ring and we hope such problems won’t be bothering future owners of the next generation SLK.

What we know so far about the new SLK is that it will get LED daylights. Mirrors on the prototype are moved to the side of the door(very likely a temporary move).

Front grille is bigger and overall design is expected to be sportier to compete better with the new BMW Z4.

Next generation SLK will be introduced earliest in 2010 and in addition to the gasoline engines there will be a diesel option as well. Some rumors are suggesting there will be a hybrid version and a Gullwing version as well. Stay tuned for more details!