GT350R Mustang by Ford outperforms Camaro Z/28 by Chevrolet in tests at Grattan Raceway

According to a recent report, the GT350R model by Ford beat the Camaro Z/28 by Chevrolet in terms of finishing the lap. This test took place at the Grattan Raceway. Besides, the Ford’s model also showed the same level the performance as the Porsche’s 911 GT3.

The test took place at Grattan Raceway in the state Michigan. When it comes to competition against the Z/28 model, the GT350R beat it by the single second. In addition, both the Ford’s model and 911 GT3 needed the same time to end the lap.

While Shelby GT350R Mustang is as high in performance as the Porsche’s auto, it will be much less expensive, being priced at $63,495. That’s not cheap though, primarily because the model will have the engine with 5200 cubic cm capacity and eight cylinders as well as the power of 526 bhp and 580 Nm.