Ford reconstructed a broken Russian road on the range

The Ford company told about its test range in Belgian Lommel, where tests of cars of European subdivision are carried out. Bad roads of different countries of the world, inter alia, of Russia are reconstructed in one of the areas of 1,9 kilometers long. This segment of the road was called “devilish” in Ford.

The total length of roads on the range is 80 kilometers. The 1,9-kilometer «devil» area is represented by bad 25 country roads where more than one hundred threats are reconstructed – from the Brazilian “speed bumps” that appear “suddenly” (the entire road is being passed at the speed of up to 70 kilometers per hour) and Belgian paving tile to deep pits of Germany and unsealed roads of China washed out by a rain.

Ford reconstructed on the range broken Russian road

The “Russian” road is a piece with a lot of deep holes, which “suffered” from service in a strong frost and the thaw. The Ford testers noted, that driving across these corrugations was extremely insecure, because it could throw a car off a course.

The cost of sensitive measuring equipment, which Ford’s engineers use in tests is 1 million 250 thousand euros. Annually, they cover more than six million kilometers in Lommel.

Ford reconstructed on the range broken Russian road

For example, the program of tests of a new van Transit envisaged 5000 courses on the range for over half a year, which is equivalent to ten-year service. In addition, the engineers from Lommel check cars on a fast track, in mud, salt baths and chambers of high humidity. Outside the track, the tests are carried out in roads of different countries of the world at the temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Ford often tells about the tests, which the engineers of the company perform. In particular, the firm showed, how the suits imitating intoxication by alcohol or drug affected drivers. It also tested “Old age” and “Pregnant woman” suits.