Diesel engines Mercedes-Benz are blamed for the 65 times excess of emission standards

The claim, where the Mercedes company is accused in its cars` multiple (to 65 times) violation of the nitrogen oxide emission levels established in the United States and Europe, was filed to the county court of New Jersey in the USA. The Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP company is representing the interests of victims who filed this class action.

The plaintiffs accused Mercedes of the fact that the cars with diesel engines and the technology of neutralization of harmful emissions Blue TEC evolve more nitrogen oxide, than the legislation requires at the temperatures below ten degrees Celsius. The statement says, that road tests managed to observe that the Mercedes diesels evolved 603 milligrams of NOx per kilometer of haulage. It is 7,5 times more than the «Euro 6» standard and 19 times in excess of norms established in the USA.

Moreover, the testers noted that periodically Mercedes diesels’ level of the nitrogen oxide emission had risen to 2000 milligrams per kilometer. It is 25 times in excess of requirements of “Euro 6” and 65 times in excess of limits generally accepted in the United States.

The claim indicates that the equipment stopping neutralizing nitrogen oxide at temperature of below ten degrees is installed on E–class, GL, ML, R- class, S- class, GLK, GLE and Sprinter.

The Volkswagen concern faced the similar challenges in the autumn of the 2015. Then, not private individuals, but the United States Environmental Protection Agency accused the car maker of use of special software, which understated the level of harmful emissions of some diesel engines at bench tests. As a result of that, Volkswagen will have to repair 11 million cars. On top of this, the company faces the multimillion penalty charge.