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Dacia history

Dacia is a Romanian automaker. Currently, the company is a subsidiary of a large French automaker Renault. Dacia appears to be not only the most successful car manufacturer in Romania but also the largest exporter in this country. Vehicles made by Dacia take nearly 8% of all the total export from Romania. Since the automaker is one of the largest subsidiary auto companies and one of the most successful car production companies in Eastern Europe, we should review its history and development stages.

Dacia history

Dacia was founded in 1966. The company’s name derives from the place where it was founded. Construction of the first automaker’s facility rapidly followed the foundation of the company in 1968. Dacia 1100 became the initial model developed by the manufacturer in 1968. More than 40,000 copies of the car were built from 1968 to 1972.

Dacia 1100

Dacia 1100

However, the next model, Dacia 1300, appeared to be even more successful. During the following years, the automaker developed various versions of Dacia 1300, including luxury models for government officials. It is important to note that all the models developed by this Romanian automaker were based on the models previously developed by Renault. Partnership with Renault helped Dacia to grow and prosper in the 70s.

Dacia 1300

In the 80s, the company produced several interesting models too. Among them we can especially mark pick-up 1304 model and Drop-side 1305 model. These two models along with 1410 and 1210 models, which were introduced later, remained quite popular and were refreshed by the automaker several times. The first hatchback by Dacia was built in the 80s as well. It was based on 1310 model. Dacia developed luxury autos too, and the most successful among these was 1320 model, and senior Romanian communists preferred this car.

Dacia 1320

The 90s were quite effective for Dacia too. Although there were some problems with how to develop new and modern design for Dacia models, the company’s engineers have managed to solve the problem. Among the most popular cars developed during the period there are Dacia Liberta and Dacia Nova.

Dacia Nova, 1996 year

Besides, the decade was also marked for the automaker by production of 2 million vehicles in the history. However, the most important event during this decade was the final acquisition of Dacia by Renault. The companies had remained partners for many years before, so this acquisition did not become a surprise for anyone. Renault wanted Dacia to become the company’s representative in the markets of Eastern and Central Europe, and this decision turned out to be absolutely right.

Under Renault and during 2000s, Dacia developed many new cars that gained popularity not only in Romania but also in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The cars built in 2000s are Dacia Supernova, Dacia Solenza, Dacia Logan Van, Dacia Logan MCV, and Dacia Logan Pick-Up.

Dacia Solenza

Dacia Logan Van

Dacia Logan MCV

Dacia Logan Pick-Up

Currently, we can see new models of Dacia on various auto shows. Dacia sales have increased gradually for the last years. Based on the latest statistics, the automaker sold more than half a million cars in more than 40 countries in 2014. The total amount of vehicles sold by Dacia during its history is more than 5,5 million copies. Thanks to high quality of developed cars, Dacia models were popular not only in Eastern and Central Europe, as it was intended initially, but also in Western Europe.

Dacia logo history

Dacia logo auto history

Dacia logo

During the course of the automaker’s history, its logo changed really rarely. The initial and the best-known logo of Dacia is a blue shield with the title of the company that consists of white letters. This logo embodied the brand for the longest period of the history. The logo was simple but good-looking, and thanks to this it became one of the most important elements that helped the brand to prosper. However, after Dacia had been bought by Renault, the new owner decided to change the company’s logo. The logo had been redeveloped, and while it shapes stayed unique, the color of logo is silver now, the same as the color of the Renault’s logo.

2015 Dacia premiere

There are several Dacia models that are expected in 2015. First off, it is a utility vehicle Dacia Duster. It appears to be the most long-awaited model by Dacia currently. Besides, the automaker has already announced that it plans to release a mini-car and a sedan Dacia Sandero. Although the details on these cars have not been reported yet, Dacia fans anticipate these models eagerly.

Dacia Sandero Black, 2015 year

Dacia Concept

Dacia Duster, which was launched as a concept car, is currently very close to be released. This concept was unveiled in 2009, and since then it drew much attention. However, Duster is not the only concept car by Dacia that deserves attention. The other concept cars that were introduced by Dacia and drew much attention were Duster Oroch, based on Duster SUV but redeveloped in pick-up, and the renewed concepts from the past, including the concept based on Dacia 1300.

Dacia Duster Concept

Dacia Duster Concept

Dacia 1300 Concept

Dacia 1300 Concept

Years: 1966 – Present
Headquarters: Mioveni, Arges – Romania
Founder/Parent Company: Renault, Luc-Alexandre Menard, President