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Citroen history

Citroen is a French car manufacturer that belongs to the Peugeot Citroen group. Currently, Citroen along with Peugeot is one of the most popular and renowned automakers in France and the entire globe. Besides, Citroen was the first company that started the mass production of vehicles outside the United States. For this reason, the company is regarded as one of the most important companies in the automotive industry. And of course it deserves to be reviewed carefully and thoroughly. To know more about Citroen and its history, continue reading.

Citroen history

This French auto making company was founded in 1919. Andre Citroen is the founder of the company. During the First World War, Andre Citroen developed arms for the French Army, but after the war ended, he decided to become an automobile manufacturer. He had sufficient knowledge on the industry, so his efforts turned out to be successful. The first one model was developed by Citroen in the cooperation with Jules Salomon. This model was called Type A, it was introduced in 1919.

Citroen Type A, 1919 year

Citroen advertisements Eiffel TowerThe marketing campaign by Citroen during those times was very effective. Citroen employed the Eiffel Tower as the place for its advertisements and financially backed expeditions to Asia and Africa. Along with its success in marketing, Citroen managed to produce really quality cars. For this reason, they were widely used by taxi drivers in Paris. However, the company had debts. So, in 1934 Michelin bought Citroen, and it saved Citroen from the bankruptcy.

During the Second World War, Citroen developed its new cars secretly, and these cars were produced only after the war had ended. In 1948, Citroen produced its model 2CV. This car became really successful due to its economy features. The second important auto manufactured at the time was DS-19, which became renowned not only in France but in other countries as well. Rapid development of Citroen continued, and in 1974 the company united with another large French automaker Peugeot.

Сitroen DS, 1955 year

Currently, Peugeot Citroen group it the most successful in car production in France. During this cooperation, the models of Citroen were named best in Europe two times: in 1975 Citroen CX and in 1990 Citroen XM.

Citroen CX, 1975 year

Citroen XM, 1990 year

Besides, in 1971 Citroen GS was named the best in Europe too.

Citroen GS, 1971 year

Other very successful models by Citroen are the following: Citroen ZX (1992), Citroen Xantia (1994), and Citroen C4 (2005). However, Citroen is regarded not only as the best French automaker but also as one of the most reliable automakers in the world. As of now, the best-known sub-brand by Citroen is DS.

In 2014, the group faced serious financial troubles but managed to survive. One of the latest effective steps by the group was to purchase a Chinese automaker Dongfeng. Thanks to this measure, the company entered the large Chinese market and managed to become one of the most successful automakers there. Currently, financial specialists believe that the Citroen brand as well as the Citroen DS marque will grow in the further years.

Citroen logo history

Throughout the entire history of the company, double chevron was used as the logo of Citroen. Although different versions of the logo existed, the idea behind stayed unchanged. The logo of Citroen is double chevron.

As for the origins of the logo, the logo is believed to derive from milling equipment that was seen by Andre Citroen when he visited Poland in his youth. The shape of the equipment impressed Andre Citroen. His saved this impression in the memory for long time. And when he had become a developer of autos, he decided to use this shape as his company’s logo.

As for the font colors used in this logo, initially those colors were yellow and blue. Currently, red and white color scheme is used. It was introduced in the 80s.

Citroen logo history

Citroen logo2015 Citroen premiere

DS is the most rapidly developing sub-brand of the automaker at the moment. So, it is not surprising that DS is preparing most of the company’s premieres. In particular, during the next years, the face-lifts for DS3, DS4, and DS3 will be presented. Besides, there also will be a model based on DS Wild Rubis, a 4×4 car. As for more longstanding plans, the company plans to present its new larger SUV that can become a successful competitor for other luxury SUVs.

New Citroen Ds3, 2016 year

New Citroen Ds3, 2016 year

Citroen concept

During the course of its history, Citroen produced plenty concept cars, among them there were both successful and unsuccessful concepts. As for the newest Citroen concept cars, we can mark Citroen DS Divine produced in 2014, as well as Citroen Berlingo Multispace and Citroen Berlingo Mountain Vibe that will be presented to public in 2015.

Citroen Survolt Concept

Citroen Aircross Lunar

Citroёn С4 Cactus Aventure

Citroёn Berlingo Mountain Vibe

Years: 1919 – Present
Headquarters: Saint-Ouen, France
Founder/Parent Company: Andre Citroen