Next-generation Porsche 911 testing goes wrong, fatal accident on the Autobahn

We have brought you a load of spy photos of the next-generation Porsche 911.

This time we have some bad news regarding the next-generation 911. This time a 51 year old Porsche engineer behind a 911(998) Cabrio prototype got into a fatal accident on the A5 Autobahn.

This one car accident happened early in the morning (2:24am), photos show us the car under the side barrier. Looks like the rail went through the car where driver was sitting. It sounds like an unusual time, but the driver was actually on a 10pm to 6am am shift.

According to Porsche the engineer was one of the most experienced test drivers. He had been with the company for 25 years.

There was no speed limits on that road and according to witnesses the car was going at a very high speed before the accident.