2010 BMW 5 Series GT spotted again in Munich

5-series-gt-1BMW presented the 5 Series GT Concept few weeks ago in Munich. Then few days later lightly camouflagedproduction version was spotted on the streets of Munich. Today we have new set of spy photos showing another 5 Series GT.

Model spotted earlier had twin-exhaust pipe on the left side. This time the 5er GT has dual exhaust pipes. Very likely it is the V8 version of the car.

5 Series GT is something that BMW callas Progressive Activity Sedan, basically it is a mix between a crossover, wagon and a hatchback.

It is only 7 cm shorter than the new 7 Series and offers plenty of room for the luggage and passengers. So far we don’t know will this 5er come with a rear seating for three or two as the concept model had center console on the rear.

Engines will carry over from the new 5-Series and first models will come with a six-cylinder engine and later on a V8 and xDrive AWD will be added.